The backstory:  I bought this beauty a few years ago when I intended to 'step up' to topless... before the AARP card arrived in the mail.  Too late, the card arrived. 


I never did fly this beauty... Sad really. 


Now stepping out altogether, or down to a light simple wing way better suited to my  now very infrequent flying.

  • Pristine condition.  Underside of carbon basetube shows some use, but everything else is awesome...   No rips, tears, patches, crease wear, hangar rash, etc.  Its been stored inside, off the ground, bagged and mounted on padded supports.

  • I dont know the exact airtime, but its gotta be low!   Reason: (i) its condition, and (ii) the prior (second) owner's assertions that original owner .."didnt fly much";  flew it for just two seasons before stepping into up to an RS, and left this beauty in storage ( the ground on padded wall posts)

  • black zoom uprights, carbon basetube, new side flying wires, internal webbing strap inside keel

  • Power weave Dacron sail

  • tip wands replaced (carbon)

  • Per previous owner: no whacks, no turn tendencies

  • I can't box and ship the glider, but I will transport the within a couple hours radius of SW Ohio. For a fee, longer distance transport is possible via third party transporter. 

                    If you want it boxed/shipped, you'll need locate a box, get it to                     me, and make shipping arrangements; I'll get the wing to the                      shipper.  

  • No, I cannot guarantee its airworthiness...  No one can.  But if I had the skills for this topless, I would have NO hesitation strapping in and flying it! If it helps, I could make arrangements to have a regional instructor pilot give it a thorough inspection and provide his assessment directly to you.

  • $900

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